Vacation Leave Request Letter (Format & Sample)

Under some peculiar circumstances, we may often have to detach for too long from paid employment. At such times, we have to seek a leave of absence. This is basically a request to have our time off duty extended. To apply for it, we have to draft a ‘vacation leave request letter.’

How to Request a Leave of Absence

Familiarize yourself the company policy. Even before you set out to draft such a letter, you have to familiarize yourself with the company policy. Find out what exactly your company says about such leaves. This is to see to it that every course of action you take is in accordance with the law.

Address it to your immediate supervisor. This is a latter that you should address to your immediate supervisor. He is the person who is familiar with you at a personal level and more likely to endorse this leave. If there is a need to take it to a higher hierarchy, it is your immediate supervisor to do that.

Make room for any formal negotiations. Some employers will often be reluctant to grant such a leave just like that. They will often want the applicant to appear in person and show course why the extension is warranted. Do not shy away from this possibility at all. In fact, make it plain in your letter that you are open to it.

Consider an alternative arrangement to make up for the lost hours. Definitely, your prolonged stay on leave will impact adversely on the productivity of the firm you work for. You want to minimize these impacts as much as possible. That is why you should yet again be open for the idea of an alternative arrangement to make up for the lost hours.

Avoid any languages that border on entitlements. Inasmuch as it may be within your right to demand such an extension, you are advised to stay away from any languages that may border on entitlements. Remember, it is a privilege to work for the said firm in the first place. They may revoke the privilege if and when they so wish.

What to Include in a Leave Request Letter

A typical ‘vacation leave request letter’ contains the following pieces of information:


Every letter has to open with a greeting. This is called the salutation. It has to be addressed to your immediate supervisor and be respectful in nature.


This is the purpose for which you have decided to draft the letter. It is basically a one-sentence summary of the request for vacation leave.

Reason for the leave

Why exactly have you deemed it necessary to take the leave? Could it be because of chronic illness, death of a loved one, or unforeseen circumstance?

The number of leaves

How many leaves in total would you wish to take? Is it one or are they several? Be sure to specify the dates when those leaves will be applicable too!

How you will make up for lost hours

Suggest to your employer how you intend to make up for the lost hours. Will you work longer when you resume or hold some temporary at-home jobs?

Contact details

Leave your contact details through which your employer or supervisor may reach you if need be. These details have to be current and properly functional.


It is always a matter of courtesy to append your signature at the end of the letter. Follow this with the date when you appended it for easier references later.

Sample Vacation Leave Request Letter

Diana richardson,

Little havana welcome center,

1442 sw 8th street,

Miami 33101, florida

January 10th, 2020

Jerry jenkins,

Senior supervisor,

Niu kitchen,

134 ne 2nd avenue,

Miami 33101, florida

Re: vacation leave request letter

As you know, i am a dishwasher at your restaurant. I took a vacation two weeks ago and is slated to return in another two weeks’ time. However, this might not materialize.

My child got sick and was subsequently admitted as an in-patient in the pediatric ward. It is unlikely hence that i shall return in time.

I subsequently take this early opportunity to seek an extension to the two-week ultimatum. I plead that you add me one more week. In case my child recovers sooner, i shall no doubt resume duties as soon as possible.

When i return, i shall work extra hours for no overtime pay to make up for the lost time. Reach me on xxx-xxx-xxxx for any call for a one-on-one interview.

I eagerly await your response with regards to this humble request of mine.


Diana richardson

Vacation Leave Request Letter Samples and Templates

Requesting vacation time is an absolute necessity. This time allows you to relax and reconnect with friends and relations. In order for it to be done correctly, it helps to glance at some vacation leave request letters. By looking over letter samples in either MS Word or PDF format, you’ll have a model to follow, a guide to ensure that you do not neglect any important inclusions, such as dates and signatures.

Tips for Writing a Perfect Vacation Leave Letter

  • Use polite language. We can never over-emphasize the need for the use of only polite language. Inasmuch as it may be your right to seek such a leave, you working for the company in question in itself is a privilege. Every word you use has to showcase that you are persuasive rather than demanding.
  • Incorporate all pertinent details. While drafting the letter, you should see to it that you incorporate all pertinent details. Do not leave out any detail as that may create room for unnecessary ambiguities. These details must include the dates of the vacation, duration of the vacation, and the reason for the vacation.
  • Employ a formal tone. This being a formal letter, you have to employ a formal tone. Avoid slang or languages that are too light and casual. Remember, your request may be declined purely on the basis of using inappropriate languages.
  • Be specific. Avoid unnecessarily long and irrelevant details. Instead, focus only on those pieces of information that are absolutely necessary. You may ask for a meeting at a later date to offer further clarification if need be.
  • Keep it short. As always, you should always keep the letter as short as it can possibly be. As a general rule, the letter ought not to go beyond one page. Eliminate unwanted details and compress it as much as you possibly can.


Why do companies require a vacation leave request letter?

A vacation leave request letter states your desire to take your vacation during specified dates. These letters allow your employer to be aware of your intent to take a much-needed vacation. Before you put pen to paper, check your company policy handbook to see if they have certain forms or procedures to follow.

Even if your company policy states that you simply talk to your manager, it’s a good idea to back it up with a vacation leave letter since managers are busy people, and anyone can forget or make an error, such as accidentally scheduling two employees from the same department for the same vacation time.

By providing a request for vacation leave letter, you have tangible evidence, backed by the date the letter was written, that you have indeed requested a vacation for that time period. The vacation leave letter also helps to create a good impression. You are acting in a professional manner by composing a business document that contains the start and end date of the vacation, information of who will be taking up the slack when you are gone, and giving your manager contact information in case they need to contact you while you are away.

How to apply for a vacation leave in the Army?

When you apply for a vacation leave in the Army, are to fill out a DA Form 31, provided that you have not been deployed. DA Form 31 is also known as a Request for Authority to Leave Form. Military personnel that have been deployed seldom are eligible for leave for vacation time. You will also need your CAC or Common Access Card as well as a CAC reader and PIN number, as you cannot simply email your request. When you get the form, it is critical that completely fill out the form with correct information, or you risk being disapproved for leave.


What else could you possibly ask of us? We believe that the details we have furnished are sufficient for you to go about this whole issue effectively. Having done our part, we now leave it to you implement the insights. Best of luck with your subsequent tasks!