Two Weeks Notice Letters & Resignation Letter

At one point, as an employee, you’ll be left with no option but to quit either due to better opportunities or for other personal reasons. Whichever the case, it’s always important to notify your employer about your intentions. After all, the last you’d want is to leave on bad terms after working for a specific company for a while, as this only worsens your relationship with your boss and other employees. This might then come to haunt you later in the future when you need their help.

The right thing to do would be to write your boss a two weeks notice letter and resignation letter to avoid such situations. If you have no clue how to go about doing this, worry not. In this comprehensive post is a clear outline of the steps you should follow when writing this letter:

What is a Two Weeks Notice Letter?

The two-week notice letter, also referred to as a resignation letter, is a formal document you write to your employer informing them of your intentions to quit your current job. It’s called the two-week notice letter, as you’re required to notify your employer two weeks before officially stopping all your duties.

With a formal letter stating your desire to leave the company clear to your superiors, you’ll be going on good terms. This is because you give your employer sufficient time to search for a replacement once you depart the organization. However, if you choose not to write this letter, there may be a delayed pace at which several tasks within the department are being carried out. Because of affecting the company’s overall efficiency, you’ll most likely not get positive recommendations for possible employment opportunities in the future or a reference letter.

What to Include In A Two Weeks’ Notice Letter

There a couple of details you must include when writing the two weeks’ notice letter, and these include;

  • A declaration that you’ve decided to leave the resign from the company. While doing this, you mustn’t get too emotional and making the statement in a soft tone.
  • You should highlight your wish to transfer your work duties properly.
  • Make sure to give formal notice of how soon you’re planning to leave and whether this duration as per the company’s prescribed timeframe.
  • Express your gratitude to your employer for the employment opportunity in helping you get professional experience.
  • It’s best to include some positive words or statements sharing how working in the organization has had a positive effect on your professional career.

How to Write a Two Weeks Notice

Writing the two-week notice letter can be pretty challenging as you need to give your notice without sounding as though you’re unappreciative of the employment opportunity. Here are some of the helpful guidelines to follow when doing this;

  • Ensure the statements are clear and concise. This should be done with the first few lines stating clearly your desire to resign from your current position in two weeks. You must also maintain an affirmative stance showing no desire to remain in the company beyond the two weeks or seek the position later in the future.
  • As the name suggests, you should give your boss at least two weeks before quitting your job. This is part of being professionally courteous, and this saves your future employers from having to worry that you might repeat a similar stance when you’re working for them. If the company is at the moment experiencing an upsurge in the work volume, it’s best to give your employer a few more times before submitting your resignation letter. Giving your employer additional time is also necessary if you’re in the company’s top-level management to avoid affecting the overall operations and stability due to your absence.
  • You must elaborate clearly on the reason you’ve decided to leave the company. This is especially the case if you’re going during a volatile moment. If this is the case, please explain in detail why you’re opting to quit working in the organization. Likewise, don’t fail to answer any questions posed by your supervisor or colleagues on the reason you’re leaving.
  • Be formal and friendly throughout the entire letter. As you write this the two-week notice letter, make sure you use a professional tone while simultaneously using warm phrases and words. This show of affection rather than a cold attitude ensures you still have a cordial relationship with your superiors even after quitting. With that said, it’s important to consider your relationship with your employer before choosing to use a friendly tone. It’s advisable you only do this if you two had a personal relationship. Other than that, it’s best you stick to a professional manner, and should you try to be a little friendly, make sure you stick to the formal nature of this letter.
  • The two weeks notice letter is the last piece of formal communication between you and your employer. Therefore, it’s best to use a positive tone throughout this letter. This way, you can be sure to maintain a great impression with your previous employer. Doing this is always advised regardless of your relationship with your boss or colleagues. After all, it’s your former employer who’ll you might in the future turn to, hoping for a positive recommendation. But if you left on a sour note, this will only be a pipe dream.
  • It’s vital you thank your employer for the opportunity to work in the organization. You don’t have to stress too much about this as you simply need to write one or two lines explaining how this employment opportunity has been beneficial to your professional career. If you do this, the employer might even consider you should any vacancy within the company open up. Therefore, make sure always to be grateful even if you’ve had some bad experiences working in the company.
  • Make sure to state your desire to finish a major project. Doing this shows your desire to ensure the company’s stability isn’t affected even if you want to leave. Therefore, ensure you don’t ignore your duties and instead play an integral role in ensuring the company’s goals get achieved even in your absence later on in the future: But for minor projects, you can excuse yourself and leave other people to handle such tasks. Showing your commitment of not wanting to leave a considerable workload pending shows the employer of your passion and dedication. As a result, they’ll be more incentivized to write a glowing recommendation letter.
  • You also shouldn’t forget to include post-resignation support as you’ll be leaving the company, thereby affecting its smooth flow of operations. You should do this by dedicating yourself fully for the two weeks left to work in the company. You can also give your employer an email address or phone number if your employer encounters any issue in that position, even after leaving the company.
  • Close your formal resignation in a complimentary tone. You must always do this even if earlier in the letter you had already done this as it’s a great way to conclude the letter.

Two Weeks Notice Letters

Resignation Letters

Key-points or Conclusion

Writing a two-week notice letter indicating your wish to quit working in the company can be somewhat intimidating. If you didn’t know where to start when writing this formal document, highlighted above are the guidelines to follow. This way, you save your employer from any inconvenience, thereby giving them ample time to find a suitable replacement.

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