Terms of Use

Linking to our website

We allow various parties to link to our website either through their blogs or website. However, before you link, you must adhere to our set policies and standards. First, your website/blog shouldn’t have contents that go against the laws of the land. What’s more, your content shouldn’t induce hatred or violence whatsoever. Worse off, contents with pornography are strictly prohibited. It’s also important to note that we only link to websites/blogs through HTML format.

Using Our Content

Usually, every content published on Bestexamples.net is owned by the very website. For this reason, any image, video, software, text among others will always remain part and parcel of Bestexamples.net. Therefore, if at all we detect copyright issues, we’ll have to report such cases to responsible authorities such as DMCA. Remember, copyright does affect creativity hence need to be protected at all cost.

Besides, if someone alters, modify or copy content from our website without our consent, we’ll treat such cases as a security breach, which is punishable by law. Therefore, before considering using our content, you should first seek permission.

Also, just in case you want some clarifications about using our content, be free to contact us at Bestexamples.net. We are always ready to explain in detail the consequences that follow a violation.

User Interaction

At Bestexamples.net, we respect the opinions of our users. Therefore, if at all you have something to share, always feel free to do so. However, it’s important that you first understand our policies and terms. To enable us grow emotionally and socially, we need to respect the views and opinions of others. It’s rare for people to have the same perceptions and agree on various topics. Truth be told, we are all different and therefore we are never going to speak the same. The good thing is that with such differences, we can always reach creativity and innovation much faster. Nonetheless, before you share your piece of mind, it’s important that you adhere with our rules and regulations.

Also, keep in mind that at Bestexamples.net, we don’t compensate anyone who wishes to share his/her resourceful content. Or more information regarding this, kindly contact us and get your questions settled.

User Conduct

Each and every user at Bestexamples.net should be responsible for their content. We are most pleased with those who take full responsibilities of their actions. It’s not only an important way of building trust but also a way of leading a satisfying life.

Usually, we are highly cautious about the user’s code of conduct. If we find any offensive content or that which is against our policies and terms, we will strongly reject it. Therefore, all contents submitted to us must be legal and of value, otherwise, it will be treated as offensive. Moreover, any content that contains malware, viruses or misleads will be strongly rejected and reported to relevant authorities. We are aware of the contemporary cyber-attack and other related threats. Therefore, we try as much as possible to equip ourselves with effective defense mechanisms against viruses, malwares that may disrupt our normal operations.