Salary Request Letter to Boss

It is not always a given that you as an employer will receive your salary in time. Sometimes, the employer may tarry to remit the salary principally due to oversight, a slump in revenue inflow, or delays occasioned by the bank that processes the salaries. You will certainly have to draft a salary request letter to boss to ask for the release of the same.

The purpose and the intent of this letter are to draw the attention of the boss to the fact that the salary has not yet been remitted. It then goes ahead to ask for the same to be remitted within the shortest realistic time possible. Our discussions below shed more light on it.

What to include in a Salary Request Letter

Your typical salary request letter ought to contain the following pieces of information:
  • Recipient – This is the name of the boss, line manager, human resource manager, or the exact professional who is in charge of salaries and remunerations in the enterprise.
  • Nature of the Problem – What exactly is the issue with the salary? Could it be a delay or an amount that is way below the one that is recommended? State the problem precisely here so that the recipient may know what to do.
  • Associated Problems – You will obviously suffer some discomfort thanks to this delay. Here, you have to explain the exact discomfort that the salary issue has brought about. Kindly refrain from the temptation of exaggerating facts for soliciting sympathy.
  • Anticipated Date of Resolution – Suggest a suitable date when the salary ought to be remitted to you. This date has to be realistic and must take cognizance of the prevailing business and political atmosphere.
  • Amount – How much money is affected by the issue? It is also necessary to break down the sum total amount versus the one that has already been dispatched. This is great for comparison purposes and the utmost peace of mind.
  • Exhibits or Affidavits – To make your claim appear serious and devoid of any ambiguities, you should also accompany the letter with the necessary affidavits.

Guidelines for Writing a Salary Request Letter

When drafting a salary request letter, employ polite and formal language. Refrain from making the letter too long but rather brief and to the point. Your tone has to be professional and devoid of any threats that may compromise its seriousness. It also pays to attach some supportive credentials to the letter.

Salary Request Letter Format

Dear _ (Mr./Miss/Mrs.)

I humbly request you to grant me __ (specify amount) which is to be deducted from my salary. I have confronted an emergency in the form of _____ (specify emergency) which has necessitated the need to raise that money.

Even though you have the leeway to act whenever you feel like, I would appreciate if you process this money within _____ (specify duration e.g. month, fortnight, week, and so on.)

Use my normal bank account _____________ (write the bank, account name, and account number) to remit the payments.

I look forward to your cooperation.




Sample Salary Request Letter

Dear Mrs. Dionne Warwick

I am duly employed by your organization in the capacity of the Logistics Officer. I do have a problem. For the past 6 months, my salary has not been coming at the right time.

For a large part, the salary is reflected in my account in the last week of the following month, contrary to the last week of the same month as per the employment contract we signed.

I at first thought that the issue was a passing cloud and that it would improve with time. However, I have noted it to be permanent now.

I hence draft this letter to ask you to remedy the issue. I have persistently fallen behind paying my bills thanks to this menace. Most of my clientele and utility companies have hence lost confidence in working with me.

I look forward to a speedy resolution of the issue.


Simeon Paulson

Types of Salary Request Letter

These letters come in diverse shades and forms. We devote this section of our discussion to examine the leading kinds of these letters for you:

Salary Request Letter for New Job. It is not uncommon for an employer to delay or overlook remitting the salary of a new employee. This issue is particularly rife in large organizations where it is difficult to keep track of every employee. If you are affected by this menace, you have to draft a salary request letter for new job. In this letter you will showcase:

  • Your identity as a new employee
  • The department in which you are stationed
  • The months or weeks when the pay disbursement was affected
  • The amounts involved
  • When you would prefer the payment to be released

Salary Request Letter for Early Salary Release. Some firms allow their employees to request payment before the stipulated time for the disbursement of the same. There is a catch though. The affected employee has to draft and send out the salary request letter for early salary release. Other than a request to send the amounts earlier, this letter will also:

  • Specify the precise amount of money desired
  • When exactly that amount should be released
  • The financial discomforts that come along with the non-release
  • Why the amount is necessary
  • The exact account where the money has to be channeled

Advance Salary Request Letter for Festival. Planning a major festival but are short on cash? Fret not because you can still request a salary advance from your employer. The letter basically seeks to solicit some cash which is deducted from the salary. While drafting this letter, you will generally want to demonstrate:

  • The exact festival you want to attend
  • Its likely significance to your personal or professional life
  • How much the attendance of the event is likely to cost
  • How much you want to be given
  • When you want to receive the amount

Letter of Demand for Unpaid Salary. Have you worked for some time but received no compensation? All is not lost. It is still possible for you to get your pay albeit after time. To achieve that end, you have to draft and send out the letter of demand for unpaid salary. The letter generally furnishes the following pieces of information:

  • Your identity as a worker of that firm
  • The days, weeks, or months you worked for no pay
  • An inquisition as to why the payment has not been released
  • A plea to release the pay
  • A veiled ultimatum when the payments ought to be made ready

Salary Delay Complaint Letter. Do you experience persistent and prolonged delays in receiving your salaries? You have to put an end to this issue principally by drafting a salary delay complaint letter. The role of the letter is to let the management know of the issue and seek a permanent solution to it. The letter will show cause:

  • Your identity in employment
  • How long the issue has been around
  • An inquiry into what could have caused the problem
  • The discomforts you have been suffering as a result of the delays
  • A plea to have the issue addressed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we wrap up, we want to examine some of the questions that are persistently asked with regards to this topic of discussion:
How do you politely ask for a salary?

Such an issue is best done in writing rather than verbally. Thus, you should draft a short, professional, and polite letter seeking to ask for this information. Address it appropriately but issue no ultimatums as you are not really entitled to this piece of information.

Is it rude to ask how much a job pays?

NOT really! You only have to be polite and direct. As we have already explained, it is also important that you approach this issue by way of writing rather than verbal. Then, time the question carefully and ask it at the most appropriate moment.

When should you ask how much a job pays?

Time you’re asking to coincide with those under which such questions are ordinarily asked. The job fairs, annual meetings job interviews, and bonding sessions are key examples of these. If you have to ask the question at times other than these, you should tread cautiously to prevent unnecessary problems.


We truly believe that you have all the vital pieces of information you need to approach the salary request letter to boss with absolute confidence. Just read through the explanations we have issued and make your move accordingly. We wish you all the best in your subsequent tasks and undertakings.

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