46 Best Salary Increase Letter Examples and Templates

A salary Increase Letter is a formal request sent to your employer asking for a raise. It is typically sent after a formal meeting with your boss to discuss the same and serves as a record of your request, should it be denied and reconsidered in the future. If you believe you need and deserve a raise, a salary increase letter is the best way to let your employer know.

While asking for a raise should not be difficult, saying the wrong thing can make your chances of a positive response plummet to zero. Consider the following tips and examples when drafting your letter.

Who and When Should You Ask for a Pay Rise?

You should always address your salary increase letter to the person in your company in charge of raises and bonuses for your team. This could be your manager, supervisor, or the head of your department. Generally, it is considered unprofessional to go above this person for a raise.

Once you know the who, it is time to determine when to send your letter. Some companies discuss and implement raises at specific times in the fiscal year. If this is true for where you work, you should aim to send your letter in advance of these dates.

Other opportune times to ask for a raise include when:

  • The company is doing well financially.
  • Your annual review is close.
  • Your employer is pleased with your work.
  • Sufficient time has passed since your last raise.

What to Include in Your Letter

One of the most crucial steps when drafting an increase letter is research. If you believe you are receiving less pay than other professionals of your experience or knowledge, include proof from websites like salary.com and glassdoor.com.

Once you have the proof to back up your request, draft your letter to include the following elements:

  • Your reason for writing – You can ask for a raise for reasons such as taking on new responsibilities, not receiving a raise for a long time, or receiving a promotion.
  • The reasoning behind your request
  • Justification for your request, i.e., your accomplishments
  • The exact amount you are requesting
  • A statement indicating you are willing to negotiate your request

What Not to Include in Your Letter

Saying the wrong thing when asking for a raise can put you at loggerheads with your superiors. For example, you may be considered inconsiderate if you demand a hefty raise when the company is going through rough times financially. If this is the case, avoid complaining and lay out a solid argument.

Other things to steer clear of include:

  • Using your time at the company as justification for a raise
  • Adding your personal financial circumstances to the argument
  • Mentioning coworker salaries as your main argument

Tips for Asking for a Pay Rise

Discussing money matters with your boss doesn’t come easy for many people. Consider the following tips when drafting your Salary Increase Letter:

  • Always time your request to the best possible time for the company.
  • Do your research before drafting your letter.
  • Have a physical meeting with your boss before sending the letter to familiarize them with your request
  • Backup your request with evidence showing you deserve a pay rise
  • Keep your letter short, specific, detailed, and professional.
  • Proofread your letter before sending it
  • Avoid sounding selfish and set everything up so that it’s a win-win situation.

Salary Increase Letter Format


{Employer/Manager’s Name}

{Company Name}

{Company Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Salary Increase Request

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

I am writing to request a review of my current salary, which is {insert amount}. As the current {job title} at {company name}, I have {mention why you deserve a raise, e.g., have been taking on additional work}. I believe my {mention your strengths} are sufficient justification for a raise of {insert amount or rate}.

My duties as a {job title} include {mention some duties}. In the past {duration}, I have accomplished the following {list at least 3 of your accomplishments}.

Further, according to {mention source of research findings}, a {job title} of my experience should have an annual salary of {insert amount}.

I am ready to discuss this matter further at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.


{Your Name}

{Job Title}

Sample Salary Increase Letter

21 February 2031

Ronald Tyson

ABC Company

123 Tyron Road

Phoenix, AZ 21110

Re: Pay Raise Request

Dear Mr. Tyson,

I am writing to request a review of my annual salary, which currently stands at $60,000. I believe that a careful look into my strengths, previous achievements, and market expectations will justify the request to raise my pay by 10 percent.

As the IT technician at ABC Company, my roles include maintaining the computer hardware, installing software, plan development, and ensuring cybersecurity. In previous years, I have always been ready to take on more duties, including maintaining hardware and software inventory and tracking department expenses. I have also managed to achieve the following in the past financial year:

• Combat and fix the Giantworm virus, saving the company $400,000 in projected losses

• Implementing software that increased operation efficiency by over 55 percent

• Developing the CatchError plan to reduce calculation errors, saving over 400 workman hours

According to payscale.com, an IT technician of my experience should be earning an annual salary of $66,000. A 10 percent increase will put me at par with market expectations for my title.

I am willing to discuss this matter further at your convenience for the betterment of the company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dave Johansen

IT Technician

Salary Increase Letter Templates (Word | PDF)

Salary Increase Letter Templates (Word | PDF)

Salary Increase Letters

Salary increase letters are formal requests sent to an employer asking for a raise. They are typically sent after a formal meeting with the recipient to discuss the same and serve as a record of the request.

Salary Increase Letter Formats

These are formal business letter structures that show you how a salary increase letter should be formatted and written. You can use them as a base for your letter.

Sample Salary Increase Letters

These are easy-to-read example request letters that guide you on how to ask for an increase under different circumstances. You can use them to determine the right wording for your letter.

Salary Increase Letter Templates

A salary increase letter template is a pre-contrived, editable document designed in the format of an increase letter. You can use it as a guide when customizing your letter.

Key Takeaways

When drafting your Salary Increase Letter, keep in mind that timing is key. You want to send it at a time when you have the best chance of getting a positive response. You also want to research your argument and include backing documents in your letter to create a compelling argument.

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