Money Request Letter to Company (Examples & Templates)

A money request letter is a formal letter written by a customer or an employee to their company as a polite request for payment release. This letter is applicable in cases whereby the due date is already past, and you’ve not received the payment. When writing the letter, it’s essential to embraces professionalism and a polite tone. In the letter include relevant information about the debt, including the amount due and the date the payment was due.

You should also include your names and personal information, such as the preferred mode of payment.

Money Request Letter Template


Your name

Your address

Your phone number

Your email address


Company’s Name

Company’s Address

Sub: (_)

Dear Mr. /Ms. (Recipient’s name),

Please allow me to bring to your attention that I have not received my payment for (specify). The amount due is (indicate the amount). I have also attached invoices for consideration.

I will be glad if the payment is as soon as possible. I have many pending bills that need to be quickly settled to avoid penalties; kindly assist.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Yours sincerely,

(Your signature)

(Your name)

Sample Money Request Letter

Melissa Thompson

Thompson Designs

430 Arid Drive

Los Angeles, LA, 70800

March 19, 2020

John Stevens

5050 North Street

Los Angeles, LA, 80345

Dear Mr. Stevens,

I write this letter to remind you of an outstanding balance on your account totaling to $5600. This amount was due on January 15, 2020. Please find an enclosed copy of the invoice.

If you’ve already made the payment, please accept my apologies and resubmit the supporting documents. Otherwise, please make the payment as outlined in our agreement failure to which a 5% interest will be charged on the amount.

I thank you for your swift action. You are a valued customer to us, and we hope to maintain the relationship.



Melissa Thompson

Tips for Writing a Payment Request Letter

  • Although you are asking for payment that is already due, be courteous, and maintain a polite tone.
  • Mention the need for an urgent settlement of the payment.
  • Express hope that the matter will be settled soon.
  • Ensure your letter is clear and concise.
  • Edit and proofread the letter to eliminate and spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

Things to keep in mind when writing the letter

Be specific . When writing your letter, you must be clear and specific on the payment you’re requesting. Attach invoices supporting the claims, ensuring the details in the invoice are accurate and factual. For example, include the list of services you’ve offered alongside the prices.

Suggest solutions. In the letter, you can try to suggest ways of solving the problem. Instead of using harsh words requesting for the payment, try and establish the reasons the payment has not been made. For example, if it’s because of misplaced invoices, you can volunteer to send other copies. Be tactful when requesting for the payment. For instance, the business could be going through very tough financial difficulties; in such a case, you can suggest they pay the amount in installments.

Send a payment request letter. If all attempts to have the payment settled fail, you can send a firm payment request letter to the recipient reiterating your initial agreement and a deadline for the payment in addition to consequences that will follow if the demand is not honored.

Types of money request letters

Money request letter to boss

A money request letter to a boss is a request an employee sends to their superior to ask for payment. This could be for services rendered or expenses that have not been settled. When sending the letter, include the exact amount that you request to be settled and any supporting documents. It’s also essential to maintain a polite tone when writing the letter. Your full names and bank details or your preferred method of payment should also feature in the letter.

Money request letter for payment release

This is a polite request for release of payment. Mostly this letter is written by a company to its customer requesting the customer to settle any outstanding amount. The letter may also be written by a customer requesting the company to release payments. In the letter, you must specify the amount to be paid. Beside you, names and contact details should also feature in the letter.

Money request letter for balance amount

A money request for a balance amount is a letter written to ask for settlement of an outstanding balance. A customer can write this letter to a company or vice versa. The letter should adopt a polite tone and courtesy. If possible, you should also attach any supporting documents to prove your case.

Money request letter for advance payment

Most companies allow their employees to request an advance payment to cater for emergency needs. In such cases, the employee should write a letter to the employer stating the amount of money they want. When writing the letter, it’s essential to adhere to the company’s policy regarding advance payments such as your limit and the terms and conditions of payback. You may also be required to fill a request form that you’ll attach to the letter.

Money request letter for services rendered

In most cases, service-based companies find challenges receiving payments for services they have provided to their clients. If the client doesn’t respond to the invoices you send request for payment, you can write a letter requesting for payment. In your letter restate the services offered and the amount due. If possible, you can attach a copy of the invoice to the letter.


What is a payment request letter?

A payment request letter is a business document where payment is requested. Some of these letters will be composed as an invoice, others will be written as a formal business letter.

When to request a payment for unemployment?

The answer to this may vary, depending on which state you reside. However, in general, you are required to request your weekly unemployment benefits for eligibility. You’ll not receive payment for any week if you fail to certify. Again, check with your own state’s rules and regulations.