Job Interview Invitation Letter (Template & Examples)

An interview letter also referred to as a call letter is written by an employer to invite a candidate for a face-to-face interview at a place of choice for the employer — in most cases it is at the company/ business offices. The letter is a formal invitation to an interview.

The letter should include the employer’s contacts or another contact person to help should the candidate lose their way to the venue.

What to include in the interview invitation letter

  • The position. In the letter, you should indicate the position you’ve invited the candidate for an interview.
  • Time, date and location. The interview letter should also have clear instructions on the venue of the interview, date and time.
  • Names of interviewers. It’s also essential to share the names or designations of the interviews, For example, you can inform the candidate that they will be interviewed by the HR manager, marketing, operations, technical manager or a team of managers.
  • Requirements. It’s also vital to inform the interviewee of what they should bring to the interview. For example, they should come with their original certificates or identity cards.
  • Contact details. In your interview letter, you should include your phone numbers/company phone number or email address. This information is critical since the candidate may want to call the office to reschedule the interview or to ask for directions.

Interview letter / email (with specific date and time)



Subject: Invitation to interview

Dear Mike,

I thank you for applying for the position of a marketing assistant with Safeway Technologies in Los Angeles, LA.

In his regard, you are invited to an interview at our main office. The interview is scheduled for March 4, 2019, at 10.00 a.m. at 342 Gorge Lane, Los Angeles, LA 80911.

Please contact me at (217) 650-6776 or email should you need further details regarding the interview.


_ [signature]

Able Smith

Human Resources Manager

Safeway Technologies Inc.

342 Gorge Lane, Los Angeles, LA 80911

(217) 650-6776

Interview letter / email (select an interview date)

Subject: Invitation to select an interview date

Dear Boris white,

We thank you for submitting your application for the position of chief laboratory manager at Pathbio Laboratories. We have reviewed your documents and found out you match our requirements. In this respect, I would like to invite you for an interview at our labs soon.

Please log on to our website at web address and click on “schedule an interview” on the main page. You’ll be prompted to fill in a few details. Ensure you do this soon scene the available slots are limited.

If you experience any hurdles scheduling the interview you can call me at (544) 400-3021 or email at email address.

Thank you for expressing interest in working with us.

Best regards,

Brown Taylor

Human Resources Manager

Pathbio Laboratories

210 Ada Street

Chicago, IL 91321

(544) 400-3021

Word Format (with specific date and time)

File Format
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Word Format (select an interview date)

File Format
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Types of interview letter

  • Interview follow up letter. This is a letter an interviewee writes to an employer to check the status of the interview. It is a polite way of asking if you were successful in the interviewed position. You should write this letter a week or two after attending an interview. The writer should include their name, the position and contact details.
  • Thank you email/letter after interview. This is a letter an interviewee writes to an employer expressing their gratitude for been invited for an interview. The letter should be brief and concise. The writer should thank the interviews and share what they learned during the interview besides expressing optimism that they will be successful for the position. The letter should be written immediately after the interview.
  • Job interview invitation letter. A job interview invitation letter is a document written by an employer/interviewer to invite qualified candidates for an interview. It includes the name of the candidate, the time, venue and day of the interview. It may also share relevant details on what the interviewee should bring to the interview.

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