Job Announcement Templates

If and when vacancies arise, they have to be filled up. The job announcement serves this purpose. It is basically an official communique that is drafted with the aim of broadcasting a vacancy notice. The letter basically showcases all the critical pieces of information that pertain to the vacancy at hand.

These are the job title, the scope of the contract, duties and responsibilities, duration of the vacancy, and the salary that is expected to be paid. Using a suitable template is definitely one sure way of managing a good outcome overall. That is why we strongly recommend it.

Step 1: introduce your company

Start off by introducing your company. State within a paragraph the history of your company, its mission, vision, and goals. Briefly explain how this particular vacancy is well able to help the company achieve its goals you have already stated above. This is to help the audience to create necessary connections.

Step 2: state the vacant position

Proceed now to state the vacant position. This one comes in the form of the job title and the scope. By ‘scope’ we mean a one-line summary of what the vacancy is all about. It gives a summary of what the occupant is generally expected to do if granted the position.

Step 3: get to the finer details

This is the core of the letter. Here, you will lay bare the finer details of the job vacancy. You will discuss such issues as the duties and responsibilities to be carried out by the occupant, the time period of the vacancy, the start and end dates, and the amount of money the occupier is to be paid periodically.

Step 4: call for applications

Finish off by calling upon the job seekers to apply for the vacancy. This requires that you leave behind the contacts to be used for the purpose and to whom it is to be addressed. Make it plain that canvassing, bribery, and other unethical acts shall not be tolerated. Round it up by clearly stating the deadline for applying.

Step 5: proof-read and post

As always, you have to proof-read the letter before posting. To do this, you may have to enlist the support of a third party to read through. Such a person is more apt to employ a fair degree of objectivity than you. Weed out any grammatical or semantic issues before posting.

Job Announcement Template

A.) Company name and logo

B.) Brief company history

C.) Job title

D.) Job details

Class title Salary Number of vacancies Tenure/time base Location Final filing date

E.) Scope of the job

A one-line summary of what the position entails and how it blends with the company mission and vision.

F.) Duties and responsibilities

A listing of all the duties and responsibilities that the position holder is expected to perform.

G.) Qualifications and experience

The bare minimum academic qualifications of the applicant and the nature of the work experience he preferably ought to possess.

H.) Application details

How, by when, and to whom the application is to be submitted. Here, you shall incorporate details like:

Contact details Application deadline Contact person or reference Application package

Sample job announcement

Xyz securities limited

We are a company that is dedicated to the security of the premises within the greater detroit area. We have been consistently operational for the last 25 years during which time we have served numerous enterprises. Going forward, we hope to continue serving many more firms.

Our company needs a chief security officer to join its ranks. This vacancy has been occasioned by the departure of the immediate former holder of the position. Below are the tiny details of the job:

Class title: xxw Salary: $157,084 Number of vacancies: 1 Tenure/time base: 3-year renewable contract Location: detroit, michigan Final filing date: in one month’s time

Scope of the job

To oversee the operations of the firm as well as to coordinate the activities of the junior officers.

Duties and responsibilities

Develop and execute strategic security procedures Provide a clear focus and direction in all aspects of the organization Come up with protocols and policies that safeguard sensitive pieces of information Hire and source the best talents to join the crew Coordinate the team functions and their wholesome operations

Qualifications and experience

The job holder has to possess no less than a master of science degree in criminology from a reputable institution of higher learning. This has to be accompanied by no less than 5-year experience in the same position from a similarly reputable security firm.

Application details

All applications have to be accompanied by a letter of reference from the past employer/supervisor, a passport size photograph, an up-to-date resume, and a certificate of good conduct. The deadline for submitting the applications is exactly one month from now. Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

Alex samuelsson,

Chief operating officer,

Xyz securities limited.

211 w. Fort street,

Suite 1200.

Detroit, mi 48226

[email protected]

Job Announcement Examples

Since there are definite differences between the two methods of communication, it’s helpful to take a look at several samples, both in MS Word and PDF format. For instance, with the internal job announcement, you’ll note that it’s assumed that people know the basic procedures of applying, as they already are employed there. Whereas all external job announcements must include the best method for applying, who to apply to, the contact information of the organization and who to specifically contact.

Tips for Writing a Perfect Job Announcement

Recruiters are always on the lookout for the sharpest and the most diligent employees. Unfortunately, these people come about at too great a cost. It is definitely important that you structure your job announcement in such a way as to attract them. Below are some tips that may be of help.

  • Inquire from your present employees. For a start, it is good to inquire from your present employees about their experiences in your company. They should be able to let you know the issues that bother them. Go ahead and adjust those issues accordingly. That way, you will avoid them from arising later on.
  • Study and observe the industry trends. Take time to study and observe industry trends. You will be able to anticipate any changes or new ideas that may impact on the relations between the employers and the employees. Do not hesitate to make appropriate arrangements to incorporate these trends into your workplace.
  • Examine your competitors and what makes the standout. Other than the industry trends, you should also invest some time to examine your competitors and what makes them stand out. Remember, you are in the hunt for the sharpest minds. You want your packages to be as attractive to them as can possibly be the case.
  • Make use of various job search tools. Numerous job search tools do exist that can be of help. Examples of these are and glassdoor. They serve to keep you abreast of the ongoing trends and also offer suggestions on how best to leverage them. Some even allow the employees to rate and review the various companies.
  • Seek views and opinions of the job searchers themselves. Lastly, you also want to seek the views and opinions of the job searchers themselves. Ultimately, it is they who will have a say on what they deem is best for them. Take time to listen passionately to what they have to say and do not hesitate to implement those recommendations as nearly as can be.

Difference between internal and external job announcement?

The difference between an internal and external job announcement refers to the method of communication an organization uses to attract prospective employees. For instance, if the organization prefers to promote from within, it will only use internal communication. This means that the job announcement will only be posted via a company’s message board, email, or company newsletter. If The company is on a search to bring in outside talent, then the job announcement will be an external one. This means they’ll post it to an online job site, newspaper ad, to external recruiters, or trade publication.


Alright! We have truly belabored what you have to do to obtain the best possible outcomes. Having done our part, we now pass the buck to you to carry on from where we have left. That can mean nothing else save for implementing the tips we have provided above. Best of luck as you set out!