Internship Cover Letter (Template & Examples)

An internship is an essential part of any academic program that allows students to gain professional experience in their field of study. When applying for an internship, most employers will request an internship letter to accompany your resume. This letter is the best opportunity to convince the employer you are the best pick for the position. In the letter, you must show how your skills, educational background, and expertise fit the advertised internship position.

When applying for internships, ensure each cover letter is specifically tailored for the position; this will increase your chances of securing the internship.

How to write an internship letter

Format the letter appropriately

When writing an internship letter, adopt the typical business letter format. The letter should start with your contact details, the date, the recipient’s contact information, salutation, the body of the letter, and letter closing. If sending an email, you don’t have to include the contact details.

Tailor the letter to the specific position

When writing a cover letter for an internship, you must ensure each letter is tailored for a particular internship position. You should not use one letter for all your applications. In the letter, show the receipt how your skills and experience match the position.

Match your letter to the highlighted requirements

Use keywords highlighted in the requirements to show the employer you understand what the position entails besides how you’re the perfect match for this position. For example, if the employer has highlighted negotiation skills as one of their requirements, you should show how you’ve demonstrated these skills in the past.

Use specific examples

In the letter, use specific examples from academic, extracurricular, or past work experience to prove your abilities and skills. This will demonstrate you can achieve concrete results required by the employer. For example, you can use your academic experience to teamwork skills.

Utilize your extracurricular experience

You can also use extracurricular activities to demonstrate your abilities. For example, if you have been a volunteer before, you can use this experience to highlight your organizational, interpersonal, interviewing, or writing skills.

Follow up

As you terminate the internship letter, you can inform the employer that you’ll make a follow up to know the status of the application. This could be in a week or a fortnight. If the employer had stated in the requirements that you should not follow up, please stick to the requirements.

Edit and proofread the letter

After writing the letter, take the time to edit and proofread the letter to get rid of any spelling and grammar mistakes. You must understand that internships are very competitive, and a minor error in your cover letter can cost you the internships. Additionally, avoid fluffy content, ensure your letter is brief and to the point.

Internship Cover Letter / Email

Matthew Phillips

234 Greenland St

Chicago IL, 91732

(216) 450-9098

[email protected]

February 4, 2019

Human Resources Manager

Conservancy Laboratories

340 Conservancy Rd

Chicago, IL 90717

Dear Ms. Belinda,

I write this letter to apply for your conservancy research summer internship that had been advertised on your website. I believe my academic background, skills, and experience in conservancy research make me the ideal candidate for this position.

I have experience in conservancy Biology both in the lab and field. Currently, I’m researching the conservation of marine animals at our coastline. The objective of this project is to establish the best ways of conserving endangered species on our coastline.

Last summer, I was an intern at the National Institute of Marine Biology, where I was involved in data collection and analysis in a project that was researching on conservation of crabs.

I’m confident that this opportunity will be an excellent avenue to sharpen my research skills, besides contributing to the expansion of your organization’s research capacity.

I look forward to discussing in detail what I can offer and my goals for the internship program.

I’m thanking you for your consideration.


(Handwritten signature)

Matthew Phillips

Sending an email cover letter

If you decide to submit your application via email, the format will change slightly. You won’t have to include the contact details; instead, your name and job title will feature in the email message’s subject line. Additionally, your email message should start with a salutation. Your contact information should feature at the end of the message.