How to Write a Salary Increase Letter

It is common for the employed groups of individuals to expect and, at some point, even ask for a raise of their paycheck. Physically requesting a pay raise is usually a little challenging for the majority. Thus, letter writing to the appropriate head individual is usually recommended as it is often much easier. Therefore, a salary increase letter is usually addressed by the employee to the employer requesting them to increase the individual employee’s salary due to certain merits so far achieved during the period of employment and/or as per the company policies.

The letter for salary increase should always be addressed to the right individuals concerned with salary disbursement, salary increment, and bonus management. Thus, different institutions usually have different departments handling such matters, for instance, the office of the supervisor, the head of the department, or as it is in many situations, the manager’s office.

What to Include in a Salary Increase Letter

A letter requesting salary increase should always be in a formal and professional tone yet polite to eliminate any chances of sounding rude. Thus, the structure of these letters should also be formal and written to perfection to guarantee proper relaying of the desired information to the associated employer. Thus, below are some of the features worth including in your letter before delivery;

a) Proper formal letter format

This is a vital component in these letters since they should be professional. Therefore, your letter should entail the sender’s basic information, the date of writing the letter, the recipient’s basic information, salutations, and a detailed body.

b) The body

This is an essential part of the salary increase letter. The letter should be structured in a way to contain at least if not all of the following essential points;

  • The reasons for requesting the pay raise. These are usually numerous within a working environment ranging from company policies, promotions, promises, and increased responsibilities.
  • The justifications for the reasons provided. These will make your reasons valid, thus justifying them to the employer during the review of your letter. These may include certain accomplishments so far achieved and the positive impacts that your efforts have brought to the institution.

    The justification portion will require massive research on the job and employment industry to ensure that you are following overall and specific company policies. This will reflect your true worth to the employer, allowing them also to see the need to raise pay.
  • The amount being requested. You should try and specify the exact amount you would wish to be added to your salary, backing it up with evidence from your extensive research on the matter.
  • Appreciation for the employer. This should be the conclusion segment of the letter bringing about a polite tone to the letter. Here, you may thank the employer for their time and even give room for negotiations if need be given that they cannot afford the initially proposed pay raise.

What Not to Include

To write a perfect letter for requesting a salary increase, you should avoid certain common mistakes unknowingly made by many when writing these letters. These include;

  • Unwarranted complaining about the institution
  • Self-victimization in the letter without reasons and justifications
  • The use of other employee’s salary statuses to justify your claims
  • Engagement in unpersuasive arguments more so regarding personal financial conditions

When to Request a Pay Raise?

It is always important to know when to request a salary increase since certain times the companies are usually in a bad state financially or, personally, you are not at your best. Thus making the request an uphill task with minimal chances of approval. Therefore, the best time to request for a pay rise is when;

  • The institution is financially stable and well off
  • Personally, as an employee, you are performing impressively and at peak
  • The employment period corresponds to a pay raise as per company laws
  • The current pay rate for your job is in accordance with your request

Salary Increase Request Letter (Format)

(Sender’s Name)

(Sender’s Title in the Company)

(Company’s Name)

(Sender’s Address)

(State, City, Zipcode)


(Recipient’s Name)

(Title in the Company)

(Company’s Name)

(Company’s Address)

(State, City, Zipcode)

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (Recipient’s Last Name)

This letter is a humble request to review my current salary status formally. As the (Position in the Company) at the (Company Name) company, I have dedicated (Employment years) of loyal service to the company. I have always taken on responsibilities as requested by my superiors while delivering quality service outcomes. (Give a reason for requesting a salary increase).

(Justify your reason mentioned above)

(List some of your latest accomplishments and positive impacts to the company. Assume that the manager has no idea about any of your accomplishments. For instance, improved productivity, sales, profit margins, company cooperation among other possible accomplishments)

Moreover, according to the company by-laws, which dictates that all employees should get a raise of about (percentage raise) after every promotion, this has yet to be reflected on my payslip since my last raise (number of years/months) ago. The overall industrial annual salary pay according to (salary regulating bodies/sites) is (supposed current pay amount); however, my current salary is (percentage loss incurred annually) less summing to a total of (Actual contemporary pay). Therefore, my request is to increase my pay by at least (actual salary increase requested) to coincide with regional industrial pay, company policies, and proper compensation.

Thank you for the consideration, and I would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience that might have been caused by the arrival of my letter. Please feel free to contact me at any time of the week for further discussions and clarifications when needed.

Yours Sincerely,

(Sender’s Signature)

(Sender’s Name)

John Constantine

Overall Supervisor

General Matt Company

12 Maui Street

Atlantis, AT 01243

17 June 2020

Sara Lance


General Matt

23 Wall Street

Atlantis, AT 02134

Dear Ms. Lance

I am writing this letter to request a review of my salary. As an astound employee of the General Matt Company and currently the overall supervisor, I have loyally dedicated the past six years of my life to achieving the best for this company. I have willfully participated in any assigned tasks while undertaking additional work on extra hours to ensure optimal operations and maximal service delivery.

During my time in this company, I have assumed many roles while getting promotions to handle even more responsibilities. Currently, my position entails the accountability and responsibility of all the other supervisors, special project management, and employee promotional management. I have however delivered exemplary results on these aspects with additional accomplishments;

• My team managed to improve production and service delivery to a record 25 % improvement, raising company profit.

• I voluntarily train all probationary staff members before allocation and in doing so responsible for them.

• Leadership reviews also indicate that my colleagues appreciate and value my leadership skills.

Furthermore, since last year, I have been promoted twice, which according to the company by-laws, warrants a raise in salary after every promotion by at least 5%, and this has not been reflected so far in my payslip. The overall industrial annual salary pay, according to, is $120, 000; however, my current salary is 15 % less summing to a total of $102, 000. Therefore, my request is to increase my pay by at least 12% to coincide with regional industrial pay, company policies, and proper compensation.

I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for taking the time to go through my request. You may contact me at any time to further discuss the request in details if necessary. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely

John Constantine


Writing a letter to your employer requesting a salary raise can often be a little tricky, as some petty mistakes have to be avoided. However, all in all, you should aim at convincing the employer that you deserve the raise by composing a letter with all the requirements just as mentioned and detailed above.

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