How to Write a Refund Request Letter

It may not always be that you may receive your goods in an exact manner or shape you desired them. Common examples of the misfortunes that may arise at such time are damaged goods, for getting the wrong product, or for not satisfying services, among others. At such times, a refund may be warranted.

To ask for a refund, you will have to draft a refund request letter. This letter is brief to the point. It aims at seeking a refund for an over-payment that had earlier been remitted. In the case of a product return, the letter has to show cause why the product is no longer suitable and the various clauses that warrant that refund.

How to Write a Request Refund Letter

  • Gather the necessary pieces of information. As with any other formal letter, you have to start out with gathering the necessary pieces of information. These include the writing materials, pieces of evidence, and the exhibits that are more likely to build your case for a refund.
  • Make a positive introduction. Though this letter is largely somber, it is courteous to start off with a positive note especially if the issue at hand is disaffection with a particular product. Tell the seller how you have enjoyed past products and the support he has given you previously. This is to create a nice rapport with the person.
  • Express your dissatisfaction succinctly. Now move to the core of the letter. Here, express your dissatisfaction with the product or service succinctly. Avoid using too negative tones in as much as you may not really be comfortable with this product altogether. In this way, you will boost your chances of achieving positive feedback.
  • Specify your expectations appropriately. At this stage, you have to specify exactly what you expect the recipient of the letter to do to you. Do you want him to replace the product or give you back your money in full? Any proposal you come up with has to be in line with the existing legal frameworks and other terms that govern refunds.
  • Delineate a suitable time-frame. Lastly, stipulate a suitable time-frame within which you are to receive your feedback. As is the case with the expectations above, this time-frame has to be within the prevailing legal regimes. You might have to seek further information from the consumer protection agencies. They are the ones that will more likely to give you proper protection.

What to Include in a Request Refund Letter

The product purchased

You have to state clearly the kind of product you purchased if the refund is triggered by dissatisfaction with a particular product. Be sure to include other unique identifiers like the serial numbers, registration numbers, logo, make, or model. They will allow for easy scanning and referencing of the items.

Reasons for the request of a refund

Why exactly do you want a refund? Could it be that the product is faulty or malfunction? If yes, what exactly is that malfunction? What is its extent and how likely it is to impact your own experience overall? Are there any laws that warrant a refund or you simply want to be given special preference?

Deadline for the refund

When is the date when the refund is supposed to have been processed and remitted? It is important to come up with a realistic deadline to stress not your merchandiser. Then again, you have to operate strictly within the prevailing legal regimes. You have to seek references from a consumer rights group.

Method of disbursing the refund

How do you wish that the refund is processed and channeled? In most cases, the avenue to be used has to be the same one you used to channel the funds to the recipient in the first place. This is to prevent delays and surcharges that may no doubt inflict some losses on your part.

References to the legal regimes

Throughout your writings, you have to reference the prevailing legal regimes. These regimes are the ones that govern every aspect of refunds and the processes involved therein. By referencing them, you will be able to work within the law and avoid any unnecessary tussles. That will also boost your chances of a refund.

Refund Request Letter Format / Template

Your name

Your address

Your city, state zip code

Your phone number

Your email






City, state zip code

Respected mr. /ms. Last name:

Re: refund request letter sample

This is to draw your attention to the fact that i purchased (name of the item) from you on this _ (mm/dd/yyyy). You promised that i would observe tangible outcomes within (number of days).

As i write this letter, i have not yet observed any tangible outcomes despite having used it consistently for the last (number of days) which exceeds the _ (number of days) threshold you had promised.

In line with the terms that governed the purchase of the item, i hereby exercise my right to demand a refund. Kindly use the same shipping address to remit the refund to me.

Channel any complaints to me via xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Respectfully yours,

Signature (hard copy letter)

Firstname lastname

Sample Refund Request Letter

Merlin adamson,

6705 south marksheffel road,

Colorado springs,

Colorado 80925.


Peter piper,

Chief marketing officer,

Med-vet pharmaceuticals,

30 e. Pikes peak avenue,

Suite #100m,

Colorado springs,

Colorado 80903.

Respected mr. /ms. Last name:

Re: sample refund request letter

As you know, i ordered some medicated soaps. As part of your advertising, you promised me to have zero pimples within 30 days of consistent use.

I have honestly adhered to every bit of information and advice you recommended yet received nothing close to what you promised.

For this reason, i have now seen it appropriate to exercise my money-back guarantee clause. I hence ask you to remit the refund through the same means that used earlier.

I am ready and willing to come over for a talk and inspection by an independent dermatologist. Reach me on phone 303-573-6678.

Respectfully yours,

Signature (hard copy letter)

Firstname lastname

Reasons a Refund May Be Warranted

  • Irrelevant outcomes. Different products promise you different outcomes. They tell that you will obtain a certain end result if you try your luck on their products. It hence goes that your use of their product is hinged solely on the outcomes that they are supposed to give off. The failure to obtain these outcomes means a refund.
  • Warranty period. A refund may also be in force during the warranty period. This simply means that any irreparable damage that arises to that product may often warrant a refund. Thus, if you happen to encounter that issue within the stated timeframe, you will definitely have your money back.
  • Missed deadlines. The product you ask for or the outcomes it promises have to be brought about within a particular deadline or timeframe. Missing the deadlines is yet another credible ground for a refund. By ‘missing the deadline,’ we mean failing to obtain the required end results or the product itself within the said timeline.

Reasons a Refund May Not Be Warranted

  • Negligence. These refunds are often subject to some terms and conditions. Your failure to adhere to these terms and conditions is one sure way of forfeiting a refund. To boost your chances of qualifying for one, you have to take your time and read through the instructions that are given off against the refund.
  • Mob psychology. Some people will usually want to ask for a refund just because every other person is asking. This may always hold true in the case of a product recall or failed product. Nothing could be farther from the truth. That is because each request is usually weighed against its own merit.
  • Impatience. Inasmuch as you are entitled to a refund, there are some timeframes within which to act or wait to lodge such a complaint. Moving too speedily may also be a credible ground for the rejection of the refund itself. In such a case, you will most definitely be asked to hold on.
  • Missed deadlines. This is the exact opposite of the impatience we have talked about earlier. In this instance, you lodge the complaint, yes, but after the stipulated deadline. The recipient of your complaint can do nothing much under this circumstance. All he will have to do is ask you to try your luck next time.
  • Unaccounted for grounds. Not every ground may warrant a refund. In some cases, the product may be repaired or some parts replaced. In some other instances, you may receive a brand new product in exchange for the one you have issues with. You should hence read the fine print before proceeding to lodge the complaint altogether.

Types of Refund Request Letter

A.) Refund request letter to bank

This is a letter that you draft to your bank to ask it to process a refund for you. The refund may be due to erroneous charges, poor calculations, error in accountancy and unreconciled statements. It hence specifies also the exact error and what may have necessitated the same. The letter contains:

  • Source of error
  • Its impacts
  • How to remedy it
  • The channels to use to remedy it
  • Preferable deadline within which to remedy it

B.) Refund request letter to customer

Customers may also be culpable when it comes to this issue of a refund. They may be given excess balance or fail to reveal any excesses. In this instance, it is the onus of the seller to initiate the request for a refund. To do this, the seller drafts this letter and channels it to the client. The letter has:

  • A formal complaint of the issue at hand
  • The exact source of the extra payment
  • A request to return the money
  • A safer deadline within which to operate
  • The avenue to use to channel the extra amount

C.) Refund request letter for payment

While making payments, the chances of exceeding the stipulated thresholds are often high. This definitely necessitates the need for a refund to the aggrieved party. To trigger this form of repayment, it is necessary that a latter be drafted and directed to the at-fault party. This letter comprises the following:

  • A description of the payment at hand
  • How much money was supposed to be remitted
  • How much money was instead remitted
  • The less sum which has to be topped up
  • How soon the top-up ought to be processed and delivered

D.) Refund request letter for overpayment

Other than the underpayment above, it is also common to pay more than was anticipated. In this case, the refund request letter for overpayment has to be drafted. This one endeavor to point out the excess amount against the required threshold. Then again, it asks the party at-fault to pay it back within a certain deadline. It comprises:

  • A description of the payment at hand
  • How much money was supposed to be remitted
  • How much money was instead remitted
  • The excess sum which has to be refunded
  • How soon the refund ought to be processed and delivered

E.) Refund request letter for advance payment

Sometimes, you may be required to make some advance payments. As with any other payment option, you may also pay more than what you are ordinarily required to. In such a case, you will draft a refund request letter for advance payment. It mainly seeks to reverse the excess transaction. The letter contains:

  • An in-depth look into the extra payment
  • The exact course for which the amount of money was needful
  • The amount of money paid against the one that was required
  • A set timeframe within which to remit the excess amount
  • The avenue within which to refund the money


What to do if a retailer won’t accept my refund request?

The answer to this will vary according to the state you live in. While most retailers accept refunds as part of good business practices, depending on the state you reside in, they might not have to. To see a listing of each state and their laws on retail refunds, please visit

Federally speaking, you are deserving of a refund if the item purchased was defective or if the seller scammed you by breaking the sellers contract. Federal law also provides a Cooling Off Rule . This gives those who purchase an item up to three days to return the item as long as it is defective and priced at $25 or more. If you are in a situation where the retailer is not required to give you a retail refund, you can attack the problem in a variety of ways. The first, and probably the best way is to take advantage of organizations such as the FTC and Better Business Bureau.

Can I use a service and then request a refund?

Yes, you can. First approach the company you received the service from and explain your situation. Before you issue a complaint, it’s crucial that you have evidence that you approached the company providing the service and do whatever you can to obtain the refund. If you do not get a positive response from the company it’s time to go to the FTC, or the Federal Trade Commission

The FTC’s website provides consumers with assistance in getting that refund. They provide you with a sample complaint letter and organization which can help you. The FTC is quite aware of scammers, so is very attentive to this topic. The FTC also runs a refund program. Here, the FTC sues businesses who scam consumers by making false claims.

What is a split refund?

A split refund is for those who wish to divide or split their refund any way they choose. After which they have the monies split in to up to 3 U.S. financial institutions. When you do this, you’ll need to use IRS Tax Form 8888: Allocation of Refund . Make sure the financial institutions of your choice allow this procedure before you fill out the form. A split refund is a great way for people who are filing jointly to each get their share of their tax refund.


With the insight we have generously provided, it is our hope that you can now draft your letter better. Taking the next major step ought not to be daunting now. You just have to read through the explanations we have given to be able to know how to go about the same.