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Funds Verification Letter (Template & Examples)

A funds verification letter is a document that is issued by a commercial bank or any financial agency to prove a person, a corporation or an institution has enough money to complete a particular transaction. For instance, when planning to buy a home, you may be requested to present a letter from your bank indicating you have sufficient money to buy the property.

What a funds verification letter from a bank should include

  • The name of the bank & address
  • A certified bank statement
  • Amount of money in savings and checking accounts
  • Money market statement including balance
  • Online banking statement (copy)
  • An approved signature of a bank employee

Funds Verification Letter Template (from a bank)


Bank’s name

Bank’s address

Phone number/email address

Dear (name of recipient),

This letter and the accompanying financial statements are to certify that (name of individual/company/institution) has been our client form (year), and they are in good standing.

(Name of person/company/institution) has a cumulative cash deposit balance amounting to ($ amount). Please find attached bank statements supporting this fact.

If you may require more information regarding this subject, please contact us via (phone number) or (email address).

Yours Sincerely,

(Handwritten signature)

(Name of bank agent)


Sample Proof of Funds Letter

(Bank’s letterhead)



Sub: Proof of funds letter

Dear Sirs,

This letter confirms that Zeus Technologies Ltd has $40,000 in our bank as of today.

As a bank, we confirm that this money is entirely free of debts, liens, or encumbrances, and it’s not from a criminal origin.

If you require further information about the mentioned funds, please reach us via (712) 430 5656 or email address.


Authorized Bank officer

Date: March 17, 2025

What a funds verification letter for immigration should include

  • Banks contact details
  • The bank’s letterhead
  • Name of the account holder
  • A comprehensive list of all loans, credit card balance, debts and obligations
  • Account numbers under the individual/company name
  • The present balance for each account
  • When each account was opened
  • Average balance in each account for six months

Sample Funds Verification Letter for Immigration

To whom it may concern

This letter certifies that Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. _ resident of house number has a current account with (name of bank), (branch) since and they hold savings amounting to ___ which is approximately _ euros as of the close of business today on (date).

We also certify these funds are completely free of any debts, encumbrances, and liens and are available for immediate transfer.

We have issued this certificate at the request of the customer.

Authorized signatory

For bank___________

Proof of Funds Letter Examples

Funds verification letters are tricky documents to write. Because of the implications, it can be tricky to write them and feel confident about the wording. That is why it is important to look at examples. These examples will help you to understand the wording and feel confident in your work.

Funds verification (Sample Letter)
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Proof of Funds Letter From Bank
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Proof of Funds Letter Template
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Sample Letter of Commitment

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Who needs a funds verification letter

  • Prospective homeowners. If you want to purchase a home or any other property, the seller will ask you to submit a funds verification letter to prove you have sufficient funds to buy the property.
  • Real estate agents. A real estate agent representing a homeowner may ask for a funds verification letter from a prospective buyer to confirm they have enough funds to purchase the property.
  • Property developers. Companies that construct houses and other properties on behalf of homeowners may also ask for a funds verification letter from the individuals before starting the project.
  • An individual selling a business. If you’re selling a business, it’s essential to confirm the potential buyer has enough money to complete the transaction before disclosing confidential information about the business.
  • Real estate investor. If you are a real estate investor, you need to demonstrate you have sufficient money to invest in the properties by issuing a funds verification letter to the seller or their broker.

How to get a funds verification letter

  • Visit the bank where you have an account(s) for your savings or checking accounts.
  • Request the bank to issue you with a funds verification letter. Note this process may take between 24-48 hours; the best option is to request the letter a week earlier.
  • After receiving the funds verification letter, submit the document to the requester. The person or institution asking for the verification letter should then contact the bank that has issued the letter to confirm its legitimacy.
Note: You should never issue a funds verification letter that has not been certified to a seller; they won’t consider the document to be legit.


What is a proof of fund letter from a bank?

A proof of funds letter from a bank is usually requested when people are trying to enter into a business venture or back a company. These are given from a bank to verify the amount of funds a person has that they can put toward a project or company. This is something that is especially important in larger ventures.

What qualifies as proof of funds?

This will depend on the person requesting it, but, in the legal sense, a document from a bank or a current bank statement qualifies as a proof of funds. Anything that provides a lender with confidence that the funds are obtainable can qualify.

Is a bank statement a proof of funds?

Yes! legally, a bank statement is proof of funds for a lender or a backer. Some lenders, however, might require other documentation from a bank.

How do you prove you are a cash buyer?

The simple answer is proof of funds. Whether this is a current bank statement or documentation from the bank saying that you do have the funds accessible, this is important. Many sellers ask for this on larger ticket purchases such as a house or a car.