36 Free Invoice Templates (Word | Excel)


Invoices play a vital role in facilitating the purchase of goods and services. It is because of this vital role that they have to be prepared in the best ways possible. We draft and dedicate this article to aid you in doing just that. The article seeks to answer some of the pertinent questions as well.

What is an Invoice Template?

An invoice template is a layout or framework that acts as a guide to subsequently draft invoices. It provides a simple framework that contains blank spaces which you replace with the precise details of your transactions. The template thus helps to make the process faster, easier, and less ambiguous.

How to Create an Invoice: Step-by-Step

The steps outlined and explained here below will definitely help you to create your invoice properly:

Step I: Pick the relevant template

Different kinds of invoices demand different templates owing to the varying styles that come about. You hence have to start out by picking the most relevant template for your kind of transaction. Most word processors have built-in templates that help with the job.

Step II: Mark your invoice clearly

You should mark the invoice clearly to let every detail stand out legibly. To do this, specify the unique identification numbers that tend to set your invoice apart from the others. This will help with record-keeping and future references.

Step III: Incorporate the company name and information

Needless to say, you should incorporate the name of the company that issues the invoice along with the unique descriptions about it. These include telephone contacts, addresses, and the company logo. All these details are naturally derived from the company letterhead.

Step IV: Describe the goods and services on sale

Now, go ahead and offer descriptions of the goods and the services that are on sale. These descriptions have to be short, concise, and to the point. Nonetheless, they also have to incorporate the tiniest details along with the prices or any other offers.

Step V: Place the dates as well

It is imperative that you incorporate the dates when the goods are due as that will act as the benchmark for their future deliveries. Also, include the dates you created the invoice and the places where the goods are to be delivered or picked from.

Step VI: Add the amount asked for

Of course, you must specify the amounts of money which are to be paid for the goods on offer. Round this up with the grand total amount owed for the sake of easier referencing later on. Just if you plan to provide some discounts, make sure you specify this as well.

Step VII: Specify the terms of payments

In closing, you should specify the terms of payments. These could include the payment deadlines, penalties for late or non-payments, bank details, and so on.

Invoice Template (for Word)

Invoice Template (for Excel)

Final Thoughts

Considering the significant role that invoices play in a typical business transaction, you can never handle it recklessly. Instead, you have to exercise a great deal of due diligence when attempting to draft one for your business. We believe the advice we have provided above is sufficient to get you started out well.

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