Follow-up Letter for Salary Increment

A follow-up letter is a letter striving to continue consolidation and communication regarding a past vital matter between two or several parties. Therefore, as in this case, a follow-up letter for salary increment is written to the associated employer or controlling authority in the event of a failed response from the initial salary increase request letter within a stipulated timeframe according to company policies or as agreed upon in the preceding meetings.

These letters are always addressed to the initial recipients of the salary increase letter, their offices, or even the human resource department in some institutions and delivered directly from the affected employees.

What to Include in the Follow-up Letter for Salary Increment

These letters are a form of formal letters and thus require precision writing while ensuring that you follow all the structural guidelines while maintaining a formal yet polite tone in your letter. Below are some of the things to include in your letter.

Sender’s basic information

These follow up letters being formal; they require you to include your data at the top. These include your full name, your position in the company, your address, and your contact information. This will help in the sender’s identification and further assist in locating your prior communication in case there was a mix up of any kind.


The date the letter was written and sent is also vital and should be included in the letter. This might assist in establishing the timeline from the initial sending of the request letter for salary increase and the follow-up letter.

Recipient’s basic information

This is also vital, and it includes the name of the recipient, their title and office they occupy, the company’s address, among others. This will affirm to the recipient that the letter is directed to the correct individual to avoid any cases of denial.


These, like in all the other formal letters, are mandatory to establish a respectful and appreciative tone to the recipient.

The body

This is the essential aspect of these letters. The body’s writing criteria will determine whether your letter is worth consideration or not at all. Within the body of the letter, you should try and include the following;

  • State the purpose of the follow-up letter
  • Reiterate on earlier communications such as the request letter sent or the communication received after.
  • State some of the requests and interests you desire to be met concerning the earlier communications.
  • You may also provide additional/new information regarding your request and maybe as a response to further the chance of your request’s approval.
  • Appreciations and apologies are also in order in the last segment of the letter to affirm your polite tone.

What NOT to Include

Follow up letters also need to be perfect in relaying their information to aid in the achievement of your interests. Therefore, below are some of the things to avoid when aiming to draft the perfect follow up letter for salary increment;

  • Avoid negative remarks in the letter even if you feel betrayed/frustrated by the process
  • Do not write a copy of the initial letter or the information within it while adding information in a follow up letter
  • Avoid personal victimization while writing the letter
  • Avoid complaining and using the situations of other coworkers as justification for your follow up

Note: These letters may be several in number. Thus, in the case of failure of response after delivery of the first follow up letter after a stipulated timeframe, you may send another follow-up letter. If the second follow up letter is met with a similar fate, you may consistently send several others before resorting to other tactics.

Follow-up Letter for Salary Increment (Format)

(Your name)

(Your address)

(City, State, Zip code)

(Contact information)


(Recipient’s Name)


(Company Name)

(Company Address)

(City, State, Zipcode)

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. (Recipient’s last name)

This is a follow-up letter regarding the initial letter formally requesting for salary increase. The letter was delivered (the date of the initial request letter). However, there has not been any form of communication or fulfillment of the request made from (the associated office/company/individual title).

I would, therefore, like to request an update on the situation of my request if possible since, as indicated in my earlier letter and the attached copy, my request for an increase in my salary was backed with valid justifications as per the company and regional policies.

I would also like to apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused by the prompt arrival of my letter and appreciate you taking the time to consider my request. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your signature)

(Your name)

Sample Follow-up Letter for Salary Increment

Sam Smith,

12 Park Avenue,

Tulac, WD 09876.

18 June 2028.

Tasha Wolsey,

The manager,

Green Company,

106 Business Road,

Tulac, WY 45632.

Dear Mrs. Wolsey,

I am writing this letter as a follow up pertaining to my earlier letter submitted on 18 March 2028. The letter was a request for a review and increment of my current salary status. Nevertheless, I have not received any communication or fulfillment otherwise related to my request from the manager’s office.

Therefore, I would like to place a formal request for an update regarding the progress of the situation. I have also attached a copy of the initial request letter below to provide any insights in case there might have been a problem. My request was in accordance with company and regional industrial policies, thus coupled with valid and justifiable reasons.

I hope to receive a response as soon as possible. I would like to apologize in advance for any inconvenience that might have been caused by this letter, and thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Smith,



Follow up letters needs to be perfect in all manners to give you the chance to appeal to the recipient. Thus, by strictly following the guidelines outlined in this piece of article, you will manage to achieve this and, in doing so, increase your chances of getting your salary increase request on track and even receive the raise instantly.

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