8+ Charity Job Description Templates

A job description is a document that highlights the duties, responsibilities, skills, scope, and roles attached to a specific position; in this regard a charity job. The description also includes the job title, working conditions of the job and the reporting structure. The salary range may also feature in the description. This description is arrived at after job analysis. In simple terms, a job description looks into the skills and tasks expected for a specific position.

This is a vital document that is used during recruitment, training, appraisals, also in evaluation processes at the job place.

How to create a charity job description

  • Provide the organization’s overview. Indicate an overview of the organization including the vision, mission, and objectives. Both short term and long-term goals of the organization should feature to provide an insight of direction the organization is taking. All the projects and tasks the organization engages in should be guided by its principles.
  • Offer the primary job details. Include the fundamental details regarding the job such as the position, working hours, benefits, salary, holidays, location, a probation period, type of contract, etc. Besides, you should provide a summary of the position as an introduction.
  • Indicate the roles and responsibilities. Clearly state the roles and responsibilities of the person holding the position. This information is vital since it’ll enable the individual to know what is expected of them.
  • Indicate the required skills. Each job requires the position holder to have a specific set of skills; charity jobs aren’t an exception. Offer a detailed list of all the skills that will be needed for the charity job.
  • Highlight the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of the job will guide the relationship between the two parties. These guidelines will help set boundaries and assist the position holder to execute their duties without any fear of abuse and they will serve as a constant reminder of the duties of each party.

Charity job description Template

JOB TITLE: Charity manager

SALARY: $ 18, 500- $ 23,500

BENEFITS: After three months’ probation, the employee will be eligible for a 5% pension contribution with the employer contributing a similar amount.

HOURS: 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday

HOLIDAYS: 26 days in addition to bank holidays

CONTRACT: Permanent

REPORTING TO: Operations manager

Location: Adeline Suites, 302 Graffiti Lane, Chicago, IL 90231



To offer professional, effective and consultative managerial support to World View, ensuring efficiency and smooth running of the organization. To assist the charity team management and fundraising for its projects. To coordinate with the marketing and fundraising manage to raise funds for the projects.

About World View: World View is a charity organization that is aimed at empowering the girl child by identifying and financing education for girls from underprivileged homes. We sponsor girls from poor families for high school and higher education. We are seeking to hire a self-motivated and dedicated Charity Manager to assist in managing the project and raising funds. This individual will work with other stakeholders and team members to ensure the project succeeds and can enroll more beneficiaries. The suitable candidate should possess a set of skills that will be critical in leading the project and working with our staff and other stakeholders including donors and government agencies.

Skills Required:

Communication and interpersonal skills: The ideal candidate should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skis since he will be the link between the organizations and the sponsors. Besides, he will also be interacting with the parents, children and other staff daily.

Organizational and time management skills: As the manager of the fund, the individual must have excellent time management and organizational skills. He should be able to multitask and set priorities.

Problem-solving skills: the charity manager should be able to identify and solve any emerging issues via own initiative.

IT skills: the charity manager should possess incredible information technology skills. They must be competent in basic Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.


The charity manager will be responsible for maintaining the CEO’s dairy including scheduling meetings and appointments. They will also work closely with school and college heads for the placement of students. The manager will work closely with the marketing and fundraising manager to raise sufficient funds from the donors to support the children. They will also be responsible for the day to day running of the organization’s main offices. They will also coordinate with other stakeholders including the government, parents, staff and sponsor and other partners to ensure the success of the project.

Support to the charity office

The charity manager will provide support to the charity office by:

Ensuring smooth rung of the office including staffing, supplies, and maintenance of project files.

Attend and support fundraising events and exhibitions

Organization meeting. They will be responsible for organizing meetings in the organization and beyond.

Maintaining office supplies and payments. The charity manager will be responsible for maintaining office supplies and payments to suppliers.

Implementing the organization’s policies

General Responsibilities

To implement and support World Views policies. Assist the CEO in running the organization. To ensure only the needy and deserving beneficiaries get support from the fund. To promote a conducive working environment for the staff. To undertake any other tasks as directed by the CEO.

Extra training provided

Besides the typical job training in the organization, the individual will also be required to train in:


First donor

Basic accounting

Charity Job Description Templates & Examples

When you’re looking for the perfect person for a charity job, it is important that you are able to accurately summarize a description of their duties. Not to worry! Here are some examples that can help you get started when writing!

Charity Job Description Example

File Format
  • PDF

Treasurer Model Role description

File Format
  • PDF

Charity Job Description

File Format
  • PDF

Charity Secretary Job Description

A charity secretary job description includes all of the general job duties that a charity secretary must be capable of performing. It goes through their responsibilities and qualifications. It should begin with a general summary and get more specific from there.
File Format
  • MS Word

Formal Charity Job Description

File Format
  • PDF

Job Description Charity Administrator

A charity administrator job description includes the full description and job duties of a charity administrator. It usually includes what the charity is and its mission statement to make sure that the administrator is in line with this. An administrator is an important part of a charity, so it is important that they have a full understanding of the job. It should start with a general description and go into more specific details.
File Format
  • PDF

Job Description for Charity Manager

File Format
  • PDF

Job Description for Charity Trustee

A charity trustee is in charge of the larger organization and, thus, the job description is a little different. While it should start much like an administrator job description, it should outline all of the duties and responsibilities that are expected of a member of the board of trustees. This should make sure that any potential applicants understand the charity and are suited for the position.
File Format
  • PDF

Simple Charity Job Description

File Format
  • PDF

Benefits of an effective job description

  • It provides the employee with a clear guideline of what the employer expects from them.
  • Useful in setting goals and targets for the employee
  • Assists in the formulation of training and development plans
  • Provides adequate information to prospective candidates to gauge if they are suitable for the position
  • Assists the recruitment team to pick the right individual
  • Helps in creating a legally binding contract of employment
  • Assists in evaluating the performance of the employee

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