Apology Letter for Late Payment

‘To err is to human and to forgive divine,’ goes the old English adage. Indeed, it is only a matter of time before you make a mistake if you have not yet made any thus far. To remedy and make restitution for your own sins, you have to draft the letters of apologies.

As the name implies, this is a letter that you draft to express remorse for a given mistake you did in the past. Its purpose also is to mend any broken relationships and trust that may have been lost in the process of the mistake taking its toll.

Elements of a Good Apology Letter

  • Brief description. Start with a brief description of the issue that has caused the apology letter to be drafted in the first place. This is to ensure that both parties are on par with each other. That way, it will be possible for the party whom you address the letter to connect well with the apology and respond appropriately.
  • Acknowledgment of the mistake. Now acknowledge that you are indeed wrong. Try though to explain briefly why you took that course of action in the first place. Do not rationalize your mistake though, as that will interfere with the real intent and essence of the apology. Use a plain and straight language to state your acknowledgment.
  • Admission of wrongness. After acknowledging that you are wrong, admit that you are actually in error. That is the whole purpose or theme of the apology in the first place. Yet again, do not beat about the bush as you might compromise the seriousness of the entire apology. Simply state that you are wrong, nothing more.
  • Asking for forgiveness. Go ahead now to ask for forgiveness from the party involved. If the error inflicted any loss on the part of the aggrieved party, you should make arrangements for restitution. The object of this restitution is to make up for the loss and restore the party to the original state he was in before the issue arose.
  • The promise of change of heart. Lastly, promise a change of heart. While at this, you may promise the aggrieved party that you will be careful not to repeat the mistake another time. Ask him also to be patient with you by giving you another chance to work or associate with him.

Apology Letter Format for Late Payment

Your name

Your city, state zip code

Your phone number, email





City, state zip code

Respected mr. /ms. Last name:

Re: apology letter format for late payment

I must first and foremost point out that you are my premier employee. You have consistently outperformed other employees ever since you joined my team on ___ (mm/dd/yyyy).

However, i have not been really kind to you. That is because i have not paid all your full salary for the last ___ (exact duration, months or weeks) which amounts to $ ______ (total cost). This was necessitated by ______ (exact issue) which was obviously over and above my head.

I plan to repay the full amount within the next _______ (number of months or weeks). This shall translate to an over payment of ________ (exact amount) per (month or week) for the next ________ (number of months or weeks).

Kindly accept my apology with clean hands. For any clarifications, kindly reach me on xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Respectfully yours,

Signature (hard copy letter)

(Full Name)

Sample Apology Letter for Late Payment

Kelvin ottoman,

Tenant, heaven heights apartments,

910 iberville street. 70112


Kennedy mckinnley,

Landlord, heaven heights apartments,

1527 harmony street,

New orleans, la 70115

Respected mr. /ms. Last name:

Re: apology letter format for late payment

As you know, I am your tenant who resides in unit 11 of your residential complex. I have not paid my rent for the last 3 consecutive months. This I know has inflicted some inconvenience on your part significantly.

The outstanding debt as of now is a staggering $1,500. I plan to spread out this amount for the next 2 months. That means I shall pay you $1,250 instead of the usual $500 for the next 2 months to cure the issue.

Going forward, I shall see to it that I pay up part, if not all the monthly rent on or before the 5th day. Sorry yet again for the inconvenience that the late payment has inflicted on you. It is my hope that you will not lose interest in me at all.

Kindly accept my apology with favor.

Respectfully yours,

Signature (hard copy letter)

Full Name

Apology Letter Templates and Samples

To draft quality and effective apology letter you have no doubt to make use of samples to that effect. As you find the right sample letter be sure that it conforms as nearly as possible to the exact dispute you have in mind. That is the only guarantee that you will serve the purpose intended.


  • Maintain a great deal of honesty and sincerity throughout the letter
  • Acknowledge the mistake you did
  • Let the aggrieved party know that you understand the pain you inflicted on them
  • Refrain from demanding forgiveness as you honestly deserve it not
  • Let them know you appreciate the critical role the aggrieved party plays in your life


  • Attach conditions to your letter
  • Rationalize or justify your own mistakes
  • Apportion some blame to the aggrieved party
  • Use threatening, demanding or harsh languages

Types of apology letters for late payments

A.) Apology letter for late payment of rent

If you are late on paying rent, it is only a matter of courtesy to apologize to the landlord for being so. That definitely requires that you draft an apology letter that is addressed expressly to the landlord. You will have to use courteous language to up your chances of the apology being accepted. The letter contains:

  • The amount you failed to remit
  • The exact timelines affected by the delays
  • Admission of wrong and asking for forgiveness
  • Promise to repay the same at a later date
  • Breakdown of the repayment timeline

B.) Apology letter for late payment to supplier

If you order goods and do not remit the associated payments within the stipulated timelines, you yet again have to apologize to your suppliers for the breach of trust. While at this, you have to state explicitly when exactly you intend to settle the dues. The letter contains:

  • Admission of wrongdoing
  • Confirmation of the amounts in dispute
  • Clarification of when exactly you plan to pay up the dues
  • Any penalties that accrue should also be highlighted
  • Promise to expedite future payments faster and effectively

C.) Apology letter for late payment of salary

If you employ others, the chance is that you may from time to time fail to remit the payments in time. If and when this happens, you have to draft an apology letter and channel the same to your employees. In this way, you will bond well with them and even create a nice working environment. In the letter, showcase:

  • The amounts of money that have accumulated
  • The timelines that have been affected by that late payments
  • When exactly you plan to remit the payments
  • How you shall see to it that the issue does not arise again
  • A plea for forgiveness on the part of the affected workers


Alright! We now trust that you know how to draft your apology letter the next time you happen to find yourself in error. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of choosing the right format for the job. That is because the format you choose plays the most significant contribution toward the success of the apology.

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